Theatre Royal


A film to celebrate the Teesside Steelworks. Shown at Salamander, a part of the Festival Of The North East. The film was to reconnect the steelworks with the communities that existed and is also a metaphor for these communities, with their unmovable community spirit. The Salamander lies at the heart of the steelworks, it is all the liquid and solidified materials in the hearth of a blast furnace. When the furnace is cooled the Salamander hardens and becomes unmovable.

Director/ Animator Graham Smith 

The Redcar installation was a real pleasure to make, choosing the 8 subjects was the easy part, expressing these subjects in there own unique and alternative way was the challenge i set myself. This was never going to be done the simple and obvious way. At the centre of my vision was minimal thinking into the subject matter, visual abstraction and foremost the community. Brushing subjects like politics aside this was to be focused on positivity, structural layout and basically good old fashioned roll your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Very special thanks goes out to James Baxter at J6films and Chris Watson for creating an absolute stunning score to work with. Respect and love!!!

Sound Recording and Design Chris Watson

Living many of my formative years in Sheffield I became particularly aware of the rhythms and textural tonality of heavy industrial processes. Concurrently I became inspired by Musique concréte, location recording and collage as techniques for composition. 'Salamander' was an ideal and unique opportunity to combine all these elements for the film's soundtrack, particularly as I could hear many of the sounds falling off the pages of the treatment from memory. A series of powerful and dynamic location recordings made through the plant at Redcar shaped all the sections and these were then layered, processed and combined in ways which I felt appropriate to the themes and characteristic
 of the experience.


Article from Creative Review.